Antelope Island, Utah, Elopement Photographer Headshots

Let’s start here: It was hot. Sweltering. Sweating under the gear straps, salt building up on the brow and upper lip kind of hot. And the bugs. Everywhere. Little black gnat billows that rose up from the sand with every step. Then that rotten egg smell, permeating, before we even opened a car door… here we go. 

Those are the conditions. These are the photos. 

Annamae of Annamae Photo (check her out!) needed some headshots as well as some images of her actively working for her brand content. So when we found out that we’d both be in Utah around the same time, we made sure our paths crossed. 

There’s two main things that I’ve learned in this photo journey 1) not ideal conditions often make THE BEST images 2) community is everything. This post is just a taste of that, but those two points you will see re-iterated in almost every post and every piece of content that I create. xx