Agency Ranch Asset Capture, Fort Klamath, Oregon

Four seasons. One ranch. Free range shooting, with the main goal being to capture the ranch in its true state in each season. Images would be used for promotion of the ranch and it’s product, as well as for the ranch owner’s family keepsake. 

My rap sheet for photography is wide and varied (holler incredible community and that ever golden old-school “word of mouth”!). Book deal (A Subtle Revelry), cover photo (USA Today), billboards (Vail Resorts), magazine and blog features (including Tahoe Ascent, Free People, and  Artfully Wed), website content, brand campaigns, sponsored travel for brand content, and local to international weddings. BUT, this shoot assignment is hands down one of my favorite to date.

I grew up in a ranching/farming community. My family raised beef cattle and quality feed for horses and cattle. The majority of my friends either actively ranched/farmed or at least had a few acres and some animals. College was funded by training horses, “wrangling” cattle for local ranchers, and driving tractors. So being asked to photograph a ranch and it’s essence was like being asked to photograph home…. a small piece of me. xx