Hey you. Stoked you're here. I'm Jocelyn Noel. Photo taker, lover, laugher, roamer, doer. Passionate life-liver. I tell stories for a living. Visual stories. What started as a delight for intentional, slow living has progressed into a passion for photographing the stories and moments that life creates. We are all so unique and different. No story, no moment is alike. And I love that. 

I've been taking photos before digital became a thing and made the jump into shooting for a living about 5 years ago, after a serious skate-boarding accident caused a major life adjustment (long story, ask away...). I'm based in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, but really, the whole West Coast is my backyard. I'm often on the move and travel internationally for work. Let's meet out there.

I'm curious about you. What's your story? 



Your wedding celebration is something to treasure. It's a celebration of your love and commitment. A gathering of your closest. Wedding days can get busy with tight schedules and roller coaster of emotions. As a wedding photographer, one of my top goals is to create space for you to breathe. To enjoy you day. Your wedding day. To get lost in your love's eyes. To feel the breeze in your hair. To taste the champagne dancing on your tongue. It's in those moments that memories are made. And it's those moments I plan around. I create images that stand the test of time. 


Let's be straight, if you can sell me, as a consumer, on your vibe and mission, I'm in. Not only am I "in", but you'll be my top brand choice. It's this idea and knowledge of how a consumer sees brands that I take into every brand shoot. I get to know you and what makes you... you. My work is a bridge that connects your brand with consumers. I photograph the core of your brand. I visually tell it's story. From website branding and asset captures to fashion lookbooks and social media content, I'm your girl. 




Vail Resorts, USA Today Hunt & Fish, North Star California Resort, Free People Blog, Strange Bikinis, Mountain Standard.